Whether it was the papier-mâché mask you made as a kid in summer camp, the first dinner party you hosted back in college, or the fun-packed weekend adventure you planned with your family, you know the satisfaction of creating something uniquely beautiful with those you love.

Come relive the joy of that creative expression at the New Mexico ArtSpa Retreat, located in the heart of the spicy, colorful, and restorative Southwest.

While at the ArtSpa, you and your companions will playfully explore a variety of artistic media, from vivid clay painting to soothing ceramics, all in the studio and home of your host, artist Carrie Quade. We can create delectable culinary feasts together or perhaps sampling the famous green chile cuisine at local eateries. In the evenings, you’ll have the chance to laugh and unwind with friends or take in the operas, concerts, exhibitions, and Santa Fe night life. However you choose to shape your retreat, you’ll bring home beautiful art, enriched relationships, and colorful memories to last a lifetime.

Come see for yourself why in The Land of Enchantment, the sky is the limit for artistic creativity.

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