Photos & Testimonials

Play the video for a visual tour of the ArtSpa.

“What an absolutely fabulous time we had with you, in your beautiful home, during our indescribable experience at your ArtSpa!! It was truly beyond my wildest imagination that anything, especially doing art, could capture me with such intensity and for such long periods of time that I did not even think about eating or sleeping!!”

Diane – Virginia

Come and enjoy the beauty of the southwest and create your own wonderful works of art!

“Thank you for helping me have the only “art success” of my life. I have to confess, I was completely flummoxed by the description “art spa.” I couldn’t get past my vision of “spa” as a place where you go for a massage or a soak or a sauna. But now my horizons have been broadened and I can conceive of a spa as any place you go to have a rejuvenating experience—in this case via art. Talk about “in the moment!” I found that everything went out of mind except what I was working on. It was like being transported to a new and wonderful place.”

Carol – California


“We can’t thank you enough for opening up your home for us and letting us have the best vacation in years and years! We love your house (and olive stevie) and know why you moved Santa Fe. Maybe one day we will be neighbors again.”

Lynn, Charlie, and Char